Special Offer – city tour and the village Komarovo

Saint Petersburg city tour and village of Komarovo.

Duration: 8 hours.

This excursion starts off with a sightseeing tour of St.Petersburg will acquaint you with the main landmarks: Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Spit of St.Basil Island, and St.Isaac’s Cathedral. You’ll get insight into the history of St.Petersburg.


In Komarovo, you will get to experience the life of Russians outside of the big cities.
Standard menu: vodka (unlimited), traditional appetizers such as herring, pickles (often home-made).
Soups (depends on the restaurant), beef stroganoff, homemade Russian piroshky (similar to Italian calzone).
Tea coffee; mineral water / sprite; dessert (fruit, jellies, marshmallows, waffles, homemade jams).
Menu can be partially changed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


Please note, that the main thing in this visit is not so much the food (although the quality is guaranteed!), but the history of a unique place – the village of Komarovo, conventionally called «dacha life», – a unique value for Soviet reality – simple country place that played such a huge role in the lives of Russian people.image-17518 (1)

People in the Group Total Cost Cost Per Person
4 1160 290
5 1360 272
6 1560 260
7 1750 250
8 1920 240
9 2115 235



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